SDMO Energy Limited


Established in 1991, SDMO Energy Limited, the Head Office and Project Division based in Byfleet, Surrey design and market a range of generators from 700Kva to 3300Kva.  The Portable, Power, Residential, Power & Rental Division, based in Middlewich, Cheshire markets a range of generators from 1.25 Kva to 700 Kva, Welder Generators, Water Pumps and Power Take Off  (PTO) Alternators.

The company is fully resourced to provide a complete technical and commercial service to its clients in both the UK and overseas. The management and staff are qualified and experienced in the UK genset industry and a network of approved distributors have been appointed around the country.

Today electricity is the life blood of a modern economy and without it business, commerce, industry and even life itself is threatened. It is therefore essential that consumers of power whoever they are, need to have a reliable source of electricity that is backed up in the event of failure. Factories, offices, computer centres, hospitals, super-stores, defence establishments, communication headquarters, airports and utilities all have standby power installed to protect their complex operations against power outages that inevitably occur at some time.

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