SDMO Energy Limited


Established in 1991, SDMO Energy Limited, the Projects Division based in Byfleet, Surrey design and market a range of generators from 800Kva to 4200Kva.  The Standard Products Division, based in Middlewich, Cheshire markets a range of generators from 1.25 Kva to 800 Kva, Welder Generators, Water Pumps, Dual Fuel Generators, Rental Generators and Power Take Off  (PTO) Alternators.

The company is fully resourced to provide a complete technical and commercial service to its clients in both the UK and overseas. The management and staff are qualified and experienced in the UK genset industry and a network of approved distributors have been appointed around the country.

Today electricity is the life blood of a modern economy and without it business, commerce, industry and even life itself is threatened. It is therefore essential that consumers of power whoever they are, need to have a reliable source of electricity that is backed up in the event of failure. Factories, offices, computer centres, hospitals, super-stores, defence establishments, communication headquarters, airports and utilities all have standby power installed to protect their complex operations against power outages that inevitably occur at some time.


Hook, Hampshire, U.K. Office for Special Projects & Accounts on 01256 386838.

Middlewich, Cheshire U.K. Office for Power/Portable/Rental/Residential/Water Pumps/PTO Generators on 01606 838120

email:- generator@sdmo.co.uk

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