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SDMO Energy Limited is one of the UK's leading genset suppliers. Specialising in continuous or backup power solutions from 1 kVA to 3300 kVA.

PORTABLE POWER from 1 to 19 kVA - consists of Portable and Residential generating sets, Welding Sets, Water pumps & Power Take Off Alternators.. 

POWER PRODUCTS from 7.5 to 3300 kVA - consists of standard and configured generating sets configured for a multitude of standby applications.

RENTAL POWER from 10 to 2500 kVA - designed for frequent use suited to the demanding field of Rental.

POWER SOLUTIONS from 7.5 to 3300 kVA - developed from the Power Products line.  Power solution generating sets provide specific solutions, according to the desired end project.



Byfleet, Surrey, U.K. Office for Special Projects on 01932 345777.

Middlewich, Cheshire U.K. Office for Power/Portable/Rental/Residential/Water Pumps/PTO Generators on 01606 838120

email:- generator@sdmo.co.uk



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