KOHLER Service Department

Spare Parts DepartmentSDMO Technical Assistance for generating sets

SDMO Energy Ltd, UK has over 2000 spare parts available for generating sets, we can provide parts and accessories, mechanical and electrical components within 24 hours  - UK mainland Only.

GENPARTS® these genuine parts will guarantee reliability to your generating sets.

Contact details:- partssdmo@kohler.com

Service Department/Technical Support

At KOHLER we believe that genset manufacturer of Diesel Gensets, Petrol Gensets, Gas Generator set, Water pumps, Welding sets is only the first step.  KOHLER support generating sets, control panels from cradle to grave.

Contact details:- mb01590@kohler.com

Training Department

At KOHLER we have a UK Training Centre for generator training and generating set maintenance.

• Rental Power 

• Portable Power, including Residential Generators, Gas Conversions.

• Power Products

• Power Solutions

• Gas Generator Set

• Control Panel

Contact details mb01590@kohler.com.


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