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Kohler Genuine Parts

Kohler Energy, UK and its global network of Distributors have over 4000 spare parts available for generating sets, we can provide parts and accessories, mechanical and electrical components to be delivered quickly to any location.

KOHLER® genuine parts are built specifically for your industrial generator to optimise its performance, extend the service life and reduce maintenance cost and will be available when you need them.  Parts are available to support your generator through its lifecycle.

Contact details Email:-

spareparts@wbpsltd.co.uk or parts@tarplettgenerators.co.uk or partssdmo@kohler.com

Kohler Service Department/Technical Support

At Kohler we believe that genset manufacturer of Diesel Gensets, Petrol Gensets, Water Pumps, Welding Sets is only the first step.  With long Warranty Terms, (please check each product for details) after sales support is readily available.

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Kohler Training Centre

The role of Kohler's 600 m2 Training Centre in Brest, France is dedicated entirely to this purpose.  In addition to 3 classrooms and a conference room, the training centre is equipped with a mechanical workshop and test bench for the use of trainees.
Each year on average and for the last 10 years, the Kohler Training Centre runs almost 2400 days of training and receives over 640 trainees.  The Kohler Training Centre is an accredited body, allowing Companies to attribute their employees' training fees to their training budget.

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Contact details Email:

 KPS-training-EMEA@kohler.com or ServiceUK@kohler.com


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