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SDMO® Industries, France 

Established in 1966, SDMO® Industries, based in Brest, Brittany is now the leader in France and the third largest manufacturer worldwide of generating sets.  The company designs, manufacturers and markets a range of standard generators from 1 to 4200Kva to meet all power needs and to suit all applications. The company has grown and developed through its philosophy that strives for product improvement and innovation.

Through its solid structure as an international group, SDMO® is able to penetrate new markets and ensure its continuing development.  Today, SDMO® is built upon a distribution network present in over 180 Countries, 8 overseas subsidiaries, 4 representative offices and 5 storage platforms worldwide.

The merger between SDMO® Industries and the American company KOHLER® Co. (and more particularly KOHLER Global Power Group, the American group’s Energy Division) in December 2005 created the third largest player worldwide in the generator market. 

Committed to a process of continuous progress, SDMO® has drawn on the benefit of this partnership of excellence.  The generators in its PORTABLE POWER range now combine their assets and the expertise of the American engine manufacturer to offer a level of sophistication and durability is unequalled in the market.


SDMO Energy Limited, United Kingdom

SDMO Energy Limited is the wholly owned sales and marketing subsidiary of SDMO® Industries.

Established in 1991, SDMO Energy Limited, the Projects Division based in Byfleet, Surrey design and market a range of industrial generator and power solutions from 800Kva to 4200Kva.   The Standard Products Division, based in Middlewich, Cheshire markets a range of gensets from 1.25Kva to 800Kva, Welding Sets, Water pumps, Gas generator sets, Diesel generator sets, Residential Generating Sets, Control panel, industrial water pumps, Rental Generators and Power Take Off Alternators (PTO).

KOHLER SDMO offers Full Generator Training and Technical Support on all our Portable power generators, Power products, welding sets, waterpumps and Rental Power to our network of approved Distributors.  After Sales advice on all aspects of generating set maintenance, diesel generator maintenance and welding set maintenance is given On-Site or over the telephone.  The dedication of KOHLER-SDMO’s Service Department optimizes the performance of installations and guarantees safety for all involved.

The Spare Parts Department currently has more than 45,000 parts in stock at KOHLER SDMO, France GENPARTS®, from diesel generator maintenance to filters, Control panel and electrical components.  SDMO Energy Ltd, UK has over 1,500 spare parts available for power generator rental, diesel generating sets, Portable power generators, Gas generator set, Welding Sets, Waterpumps & Power Take Off Alternators.

The Management and staff are qualified and experienced in the UK power generating sets and a network of approved Distributors has been appointed around the UK and Ireland.

Today electricity is the life blood of a modern economy and without it business, commence, industry and even life itself is threatened. It is therefore essential that consumers of green power & power whoever they are, need to have a reliable source of electricity that is backed up in the event of failure. Factories, offices, computer centres, hospitals, super stores, defense establishments, communication headquarters, airports, farms and utilities all have standby power & industrial generator installed to protect their complex operations against power outages that inevitably occur at some time.


Byfleet, Surrey, U.K. Office for Special Projects on 01932 345777.

Middlewich, Cheshire U.K. Office for Power/Portable/Rental/Residential/Water Pumps/PTO Generators on 01606 838120

email:- generator@sdmo.co.uk

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